A cross-pollination of community ideas, resources, and partnerships.

What WE Propose


The outcomes anticipated by participation in the placemaking initiative may include:
-       A new plan and design for a “cultural corridor”: Connecting the Beverly Center and our historic downtown.
-       A defined strategy for art activities that will promote rural community engagement and neighborhood connectivity in the cultural corridor (e.g., community plan for a mural wall).
-       A list of funding sources that will assist with the infrastructure and safety protocols required for project implementation (i.e., walkways, ramps, lighting, ADA compliance, etc.)
-       A promotion strategy to help educate and involve private businesses with the planning and creation of the cultural corridor, informing them of how they can contribute and benefit from a revitalized art and innovation district.
-       A feasibility study of what may be required and how a cultural corridor may enhance our historic downtown neighborhood and benefit foot-traffic for private business owners.
-       An action plan on how to create unprecedented partnerships with rural community organizations to address county-wide socio-economic issues through the arts, such as intergenerational poverty, affordable housing, skill-development, and digital literacy.

The Corridor

Right in the heart of our city there is a struggling downtown district and a disconnect between the local university, art museums and theaters.


The genesis of every endeavor starts with a planning process. It will take some creativity to repurpose and revitalize the many neglected areas.

Blighted area only one block east from the Southern Utah University Campus
An old communications office


Raising our collective resources will help us implement arts programming that will address community issues such as intergenerational poverty, skill development and affordable housing.


Dreaming big is a good thing, but our team will need to do the necessary research to identify what can and cannot be accomplished.


County and city leaders will need to come together to create partnerships that will build a supportive infrastructure for the corridor.